Spectacular Milad-E-Nabi Rally

  • Posted by: AlIhsan

A massive rally organised by Al Ihsan Kattippara in close collaboration with various Sunni organisations to celebrate 1490thMilad-E-Nabi day, brought back the cherished memories of Prophet Muhammed’s birth , here at Kattippara.

Ballads and poetic songs in various languages, depicting the glory of Prophet Muhammed ,pleasantly filled the atmosphere of Kattippara town, in an electrifying rally joined by thousands including students under Al Ihsan’s academic institutions. The rally was studded with numerous placards, banners and displays depicting compassionate messages from the Holy Quran ,Hadees, and Islamic history. It highlighted the callousness of terrorism in the name of religion, necessity of a moral and value based education, importance of environment protection and the present relevance of communal harmony.

Author: AlIhsan