The world Al Ihsan means ‘The Virtue’ We stand tall as a lighthouse that spreads the light of hope and show proper direction to all those who love virtue and respect the knowledge and wisdom.


It’s the constant journey to seek knowledge that gives meaning and purpose to our life. Islamic civilisation has always extended its generous hands to help those journeys.


Every day, we add new stories of achievements and success to the history of the community with the unconditional generosity and kindness from all section of the society.


Our beloved prophet has promised countless benefits for supporting those who enter the path of knowledge.


We aim to be a premier destination for Islamic education in which students who aspire to be an expert in traditional Islamic teachings together with advanced courses from secular educational boards in a healthy and spiritual environment. Our courses and programs will prepare the students to lead a life with commitment to the Qur’an and the Authentic Prophetic Way (Sunnah) while encouraging open dialogue, mature discussion, and critical thinking.


The goal of Al Ihsan Kattippara is to bring the poor and needy whose educational career has been hurdled by economic and social circumstances. We strive to bring the orphans and destitute to the mainstream of education and open new windows of opportunities into their life. Throughout its history, We have encouraged understanding and sharing the multicultural heritage of our culture and make students positive contributors to the fabrics of harmonious culture and academic scholarship. Through a pedagogy based on Adab, Prophetic-centered education, we enable our students to grapple with and address the spiritual, intellectual questions of our time