Al Ihsan kattippara has been paving new paths of educational and humanitarian service from the date of its inception. The institute imparts temporal and spiritual education to the poor and needy and nurture them with the help of selfless and foresighted ulama and committed umara who passionately dream of a generation of educated with the strong commitment to the morals and ethics of Islam.
A huge amount is needed to meet the day to day expenses of the institute. Al ihsan provides free education, food and accommodation to a lion share of its students. We have no other means than the helpful mind of our well wishers. May allah give his best to us for our good deeds and include us among his beloved servants.

K. K Ahmed Kutti Musliyar Kattippara, 
President, Al Ihsan Kattippara

Ph: 9446841613

A. K Aboobackar  Musliyar, Kattippara
Gen Secratary, Al Ihsan Kattippara
Ph: 9446891727

K. K Muhammed Haji 
Treasurer, Al Ihsan Kattippara

Shamsudheen Sa’adi, Koorachund
Gen Manager, Al Ihsan Kattippara

Abdul Majeed Saquafi, Kanthapuram
Head, Outreach Department, Al Ihsan Kattippara