Haseen Academy

Junior Dawa is a special venture to respond to the beats of the age. Students are prepared to understand, analyse, and act according to the changing atmosphere in Islamic ways. Admission is given to 8th std. Students will have opportunity to select courses according to their tastes and abilities after assessing their strengths and weaknesses and they will be highly encouraged to achieve new heights in the path of knowledge.

The institute will provide religious education till mukhtasar and secular education till degree. We will provide spoken english, Arabic, Urdu and IT training to all the students. The entire course will be free of cost including food and accommodation.


Musthafa Ahsani

If you have any query regarding admission or institution related query please feel free to contact us directly. Our Office Timing is 9 AM – 5 PM (From Saturday to Thursday)

Call Us: 9747033436

  • Religious and secular education
  • Spiritual cultivation
  • Extra curricular training
  • Syllabus- Jamiat Al Hind
  • Training for Quran recitation
  • Eligibility- Those who have passed 10th STD from school can apply
  • Spacious library
  • Tuition, food and accommodation for free