School of Islamic Science

The idea of the School of Islamic Science is to equip the ulema of the coming generation with both traditional and modern education to cope with the challenges posed by the influx of modernity and secular education. Al Ihsan School of Islamic science aims to mold our students in a way they could creatively respond to the changing needs of our umma. Religious scholars who can address the needs of our time and guide all to the path of Islam. Along with a strong emphasis on theology and spirituality, students will be provided ample exposure to contemporary debates, the latest technical knowledge & modern developments in the area of their particular interest.

Those who have completed their S.S.L.C Examination with good grades and marks are eligible for admission. During the seven years, of course, students are given Graduation and Post Graduation under esteemed Universities and they will learn till Mukhthasar in Islamic studies. Students will have chances to learn English, Arabic, and Urdu languages. The institute will take care of all the expenses including food, accommodation, and tuition.


Rafi Ahsani Kanthapuram

If you have any query regarding admission or institution related query please feel free to contact us directly. Our Office Timing is 9 AM – 5 PM (From Saturday to Thursday)

Call Us: 9846468214

  • Religious and secular education
  • Spiritual cultivation
  • Extra curricular training
  • Syllabus- Jamiat Al Hind
  • Training for Quran recitation
  • Eligibility- Those who have passed 10th STD from school can apply
  • Spacious library
  • Tuition, food and accommodation for free